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Lean Academy

Evento di comunicazione e formazione nell'ambito di progetti di Lean Turnaround (4 giornate) presso aziende medio grandi

Main objectives:
    • A Lean Tournaround program is the perfect opportunity to push the organization for the implementation of experiences and thoughts that have being shared up until now.
    • The best way to launch such a project with such high expectations and goals is to involve from the very beginning the operative shop floor people. This will make the change possible and sustainable.
    • Training course will involve an identified group of people (Lean Champions and Kaizen Facilitators) who will represent the bridge to the operational shop activities and personnel. This group will be coordinated by the Improvement Process team.

Ground Rules (day 1)
    • Why are we here
    • Self-Lean-presentation
    • Basics of language
    • "Hands-on" exercises
    • Lean: big pitture from the Purpose to the Process, with the People
    • Lean tools Factory Overview (QCO, Poka Yoke, VSM, "8 Wastes", "SS")

Effective Management (day 3)
    • TQM tools, Statistics and KPIs
    • Quality System
    • Action Plan, exercise
    • Internal Effective Communication
    • Leadership and Team Management
    • The Lean Principles
    • Field Outdoor Activities

Play the Game (day 2)
    • "TeamWork on 8 Wastes and SS"
    • Case Study on Turnaround experience
    • Learned lesson and Hints
    • Supply Chain, TPM
    • Pull System: Kanban, OPF
    • Project Management
    • TeamWork exercises
    • Tools Management and Implementation Plan

System Control (day 4)
    • Responsibility and Timing: the Lean Program
    • Goal setting, KPI selection and team coordination
    • Final Questionnaire
    • Diploma
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